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Imagine a tool that will satisfy everyone at home: the youngest and the greatest, children and parents, disabled and non-disabled ... a tool that will bring the family together and allow the development of all its members! The tablet BIGJO. The BIGJO tablet is an intelligent pedestal table; it serves as a pedestal table, on which one can serve to drink, to deposit a pot of flower, etc. but above all, it serves as a space for children's education through a series of games, neatly arranged in a built-in drawer. The BIGJO tablet is the tool you need to follow your children at home, and appreciate their evolution. Several versions are available: the briefcase version and the pedestal version, etc.



- Developing logical thinking and reasoning

- Many progressive hardship activities are offered;
- Observation, visual discrimination, mathematics and phonological concepts are developed in children through its activities.

Learning Games:


Visual discrimination games
- AutoCorrect Games
- Matching Games
- Listening games
- Language Games
- Logic Games
- Count games
- Sensory game
Other information:
Number of games: more than 50 games
Age: 4 years old and up to 77 years old ..

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Our objective :

"Provide psychopedagogical support for autistic children."