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I am autistic


You have just been diagnosed with autism. Maybe you realized that you are a little different from other children. Maybe you do not understand what "autistic" means.

Are you asking yourself questions? You would like to talk to someone, but you do not know who? This section is here to help you understand what Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is.

I'm autistic ... what does it mean?


You are autistic. You may have been told that you have an ASD. Being autistic, it's not having a disease, it's not a handicap, it's your way of being. You think differently from other children who are not autistic. Your brain does not work the same way so you understand and act differently than others.

You are a child before being an autistic person. Your autism is a component of your personality, it does not define you.

When we are a child, we learn and we need help to understand certain things. You, like all children, learn and sometimes need help. You're autistic ... that means sometimes you need a little more time or help to understand and learn. It does not matter. And like everyone else, you make mistakes, you learn, it's normal.

Learn, it's with your parents and teachers. You may also need a speaker. A caregiver is someone who knows autism well and who will help you understand and understand what makes you a unique and different child.

A characteristic of autism is that you find it difficult to socialize, that is, to be in contact with others. To help you, your parents, teachers and speakers can make social scenarios with images. These social scenarios will allow you to know how to talk to people and act with them. It's not always easy ... but getting in touch with others will make you happier: you'll be able to understand others, make yourself understood, and make friends! And you will always be able to stay alone if you prefer.

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Our objective :

"Provide psychopedagogical support for autistic children."