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Contribute to the development of ETIC Cameroon:

To promote the concept of inclusive and inclusive education and to facilitate the easy integration of people with autism and special needs into their community;
In order to make the community aware that it accepts people with autism as full people and not as entirely separate people;
ETIC uses the GAME as a method of integration and education. Thus, each ETIC tool has a LUDO aspect.
These tools are deployed in educational fairs and animations organized by ETIC or by other organizations in order to allow all to educate themselves in the game, the sharing, the mutual aid and the love of the other.



The association ETIC realized from December 21 to December 28, 2014 the first fair of the educational games at the stadium of the catholic parish our Lady annunciation of Bonamoussadi in Douala, economic city of Cameroon.
This fair was realized in partnership with CANAL2 INTERNATIONAL, under the High Patronage of the chaplain of the Young Catholics of the archdiocese of Douala.
It was an opportunity for parents and children to spend the holidays with educational games, in love and without distinction of people (disabled and non-disabled, with developmental disabilities or not). This fair aims to:
- to provide families with a fun educational Christmas;
- Create a play area between children and parents;
- promote education for all and play;
- present educational tools and games for the education of vulnerable children, including autistic children, orphans, ...
What we remember from this fair:
- 2000 people received in this fair including 1500 children and 500 parents;
- 30 games workshops deployed;
- 30 sponsors and partners;
- Thousands of lots distributed;
- 60 volunteers to supervise the children;
- Zero accident and incident;
Immediate impact: THE FIREPLACE OF THE SOLEIL LEVANT OF LOGBABA IN DOUALA IN CAMEROON, home that cares for children mentally deficient, today benefits from the tools presented at the fair.


From July 20th to August 20th, 2015 By ETIC, at the multimedia educational center of Bépanda, located at the Va - Va intersection with the support of the PWC Foundation



Strengthen the intellectual capacities of children with autism, children from Bépanda and its surroundings;
Promote inclusive and inclusive education;
To stimulate the awakening of the participants;
teach the computer tool to the little ones;
Develop the spirit of creativity;
To discover the Ludo-educational method
The participants Fifty-five children aged between 2 and 13 were involved in the project, as follows:

Weekly attendance peaked in the second week of the project as shown below.
The peak observed is explained by the strong communication of proximity that was made in the homes after the first week, followed by the cancellation of the participation fee which amounted to 2500 Fcfa (3.84 euro).

The progress of the project The main stages of the project were the following:
A-Redevelopment and equipment of the multimedia center of Bépanda
in radio (real and casmando), in the churches of Douala 5th
Distribution of flyers
Laying a banner and activating the multimedia center
C-Launch and run
Preparation of workshops and child tracking sheets Supervision of children by teachers and volunteers followed by daily assessment of personality and skills
Preparation of reports and scrolls
Closing Ceremony and Handing of Parchments
D-Report writing and publication



Participants were assessed on the following aspects:
+ About the personality:
- concentration,
- skill and dexterity,
- respect for others and instructions,
- ability to present oneself, to speak in front of others
+ about skills:
the arrangement of colors in painting,
identification of notes on the piano in music,
mastering the architecture of a computer, keyboard, mouse, features, ability to start and shut down a computer, to launch a computer application.


The graph below shows the evolution of children in a workshop, the pace being the same for the majority of the workshops. On the y-axis we have the percentage of children who have had the highest grade, and on the x-axis we have the different weeks.

We can see a growth of the percentage of the mention very well in series 1 and 3, which are the series where there has not been too much renewal of the population. On the other hand, in series 2 and 4, we noted a lot of movement (renewal and irregularity) during the third and fourth week, which explains the appearance of the curves.



This project allowed to popularize this new approach, which was not at all known by the surrounding populations: the Ludo-educational method.



A closing ceremony sanctioned the end of the project. During the ceremony, to show their gratitude to ETIC, to the PWC foundation that supported the project, and especially to their parents, the children performed songs for the great pleasure of the latter; after which the parchments were distributed to the most diligent children.



During the months of July and August of 2014 (from July 28 to August 28, 2014), ETIC organized tutoring classes for orphans in the cities of Douala and Bamenda. With the help of six (06) European and Asian volunteers, ETIC brought together these orphans at the Good Shepherd Orphanage of Abangoh in Bamenda and at the Work of the Voiceless in Douala. Benedictine sisters of bethany and good shepherd Home of Abangoh Bamenda is a reception center for poor children, street children and orphans, as well as infants abandoned in hospitals. About 80 children end up in this orphanage under the responsibility of two supervisors. Work of the Voiceless, located in Douala, has a staff of 25 orphans under the responsibility of a retired teacher. As part of the collaboration with the Found Impact association, ETIC has installed multimedia centers respectively in these orphanages. Supervision of children was done in several disciplines: - Computer courses;
- First aid ;
- body hygiene;
- French language courses;
- Entertainment activities such as dancing, jogging, football, etc.
This initiative could not have been possible if the following team had not deployed:
- Helen Cui, Chinese,
- Marina Leuzychenko, Russian.
- Vero Bojanowski, French-Polish.
- Audrey Dudier, French.
- Laureline Versavel, Belgian.
- Yohann Beaufils, French.
- Marcel Assonfack, Cameroonian.
- Douglas Wantou, Cameroonian.

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Our objective :

"Provide psychopedagogical support for autistic children."