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You are or are part of an organization, an administration, a local community. Join our cluster of partners who support our association, its actions and projects! Beyond the help you can give us through investment or operating grants, you also have a role to play with your fellow citizens to make them aware of autism, which is now undeniably a serious problem. public health. For any question or request for information, contact us:


It is essential that the media inform and raise awareness about the cause of autism. ETIC CAMEROON warmly thanks the media who play their role as citizens and encourages all media to act, react and communicate on autism!



Your association acts on its territory to sensitize and inform the actors concerned by autism. You are an association ... - parents of children, teenagers, adults with autism - cultural, leisure, care giving access to children, adolescents or adults with autism You need the support of an association to support your member families in defending their rights. You need training, skills transfer to build records for innovative care projects You are a sports or recreational federation, a solidarity club and citizen You act on your territory and can raise awareness and inform your network ETIC CAMEROON can help you and propose solutions according to your needs.



You are a teacher, school director, university, recreation center, you have a role to play ... More than 160,000 children would be affected by autism. Schools, and more widely places of education, are the place par excellence to inform about the difference and its riches. For any question or request for information, contact us:


Here you will find press kits of our past and present actions, campaigns and events.


ETIC CAMEROON puts at your disposal several series of photos and videos, which you can download and use for your articles


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Our objective :

"Provide psychopedagogical support for autistic children."