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The Webdoc of Autism shares the discovery of autism in France, through portraits of different people and families affected by autism. Diagnosis, schooling, scientific advances, professional integration ... So many topics that pose the problems of autism in France. This webdocumentary will also address the issue of research through the testimony of great researchers. The Webdoc of Autism is also a platform imagined as a portal, comprehensive, information and knowledge on autism in France and internationally. Internet users are invited throughout the documentary to learn more via many other multimedia content.

It is essential that the media inform and raise awareness about the cause of autism. ETIC CAMEROON warmly thanks the media who play their role as citizens and encourages all media to act, react and communicate on autism!

Every day, the numbers concerning autism are displayed, more and more alarming. Much remains to be discovered ... However, it is already certain that autism represents a real public health challenge, which is urgently needed.

Here you will find press releases of our current and past actions, campaigns and events.

Here you will find press kits of our current and past actions, campaigns and events.

ETIC CAMEROON offers you several series of photos and videos, which you can download and use for your articles


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Our objective :

"Provide psychopedagogical support for autistic children."