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Surveys on the use of educational tools and methods facilitating the education of autistic children in an inclusive education system in Cameroon:

use of ICTs and games as tools and teaching methods;
From March 24 to April 1, 2014, we conducted a survey in the 22 primary schools and kindergartens (nearly 2000 students) of the city of NGOUMOU in the central province, 48 km from Yaoundé.

EBOLBOUM Public School 3


It has highlighted the importance of developing and setting up in schools the Ludo-educational methods that would make it possible to integrate the needs of all children, even vulnerable children, especially those with autism. This survey made it possible to evaluate, through questions and answers with 102 teachers, the level of use of pedagogy integrating play and ICT tools (educational methods and tools) in Cameroon.

OTELE Public School


55% of teachers interviewed have never heard of gaming and ICT-related educational methods, 54% of those who have heard speak believe it is better than current methods and 63% think it is easy to put implemented. It highlighted the importance of:
- research and implement, in schools and in families, educational and ICT-related tools that would integrate the educational needs of all children, even vulnerable children such as children with autism;
- train teachers and parents on ICT-related educational tools and methods;

Some curves from the NGOUMOU survey:


use of teaching tools by teachers:
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"Provide psychopedagogical support for autistic children."