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Contribute to the development of ETIC Cameroon:

Creation of educational multimedia centers

In order to promote the concept of inclusive education for all and to facilitate access to educational tools for people with autism, vulnerability and lack of means to acquire it, ETIC has at the creation of multimedia educational centers in disadvantaged areas.
Thus, several educational centers with the tools for the educational care of children with autism and all have been realized.

1- Bepanda Educational Multimedia Center


On June 6, 2014, the district Bépanda hosted the first educational multimedia center created by ETIC.


Trolltunga, Norway

Bepanda is a district of the city of Douala in Cameroon with a high density.
This district is full of all types of children including children with autism.
Modern educational and ICT-related material (Information and Communication Technology) remains a luxury for families in this neighborhood.


Trolltunga, Norway


By setting up this educational multimedia center, ETIC not only demystifies ICT-related educational tools, but above all helps parents identify the difficulties (behavioral and educational) of their children and take care of them.

Trolltunga, Norway


This center is open to children with autism and any child who may have a learning difficulty that can be identified in an autistic child (reading, expression, writing, concentration, communication, motor skills, hearing ....).
The doors of this center are also open to so-called "normal" children to promote inclusive education.
This center is equipped with tools used by ETIC for the psychopedagogical support of the child.
It is 8 computers with educational content from kindergarten to high school;
educational game tablets;
edutainment videos; booklets; ...


Trolltunga, Norway


2-Educational multimedia center of the orphanage "Work of the Voiceless":


Creation of an educational multimedia center at the OSV orphanage located at PK9 for the orphanage network attached to the Nylon Social Affairs Center.


Trolltunga, Norway


In order to contribute to the education of vulnerable and autistic children, ETIC has set up a vast program whose first milestone is the realization of the project ESV (Education of Without Voice).

This is to create an educational multimedia center at the OSV orphanage to boost the intellectual abilities of children, offering them educational tools (education through play).
This project, which began on December 27, 2015, will last for one (01) year, during which time children will be monitored and evaluated in order to highlight the impact and identify the need to duplicate such a project. action in childcare centers in general and children with autism in particular.


Participated in the kick-off ceremony of the project:
- Children: They numbered fifteen (15), all residing at the orphanage. The others were on leave in the host families, explained the head of the orphanage.
- Children's coaches: At the OSV orphanage there is only one supervisor for these children, the head of the orphanage. She was also present.
- The ETIC team: Under the leadership of the Director of ETIC, a delegation of six (06) people including two volunteers who will be in charge of monitoring the project throughout its duration.
- The Spiritus Dei Magistral Choir: On the occasion and given the launching period of the project (Christmas), a choir was invited for a concert to make the ceremony more cheerful and more enjoyable.


A word from the Director of ETIC We arrived at the orphanage at 11am according to the program established with the responsible mother Monique.
After the words of welcome, there was a word from the Director, which clearly explained to the children and other people present the purpose of the project and the different milestones.

Mom's Message Monique After this speech phase, a solemn donation ceremony was held, followed by a family photo.
After this donation, we proceeded to the deployment, so the actual launch of the project.
This is how the various workshops were created and the children were left in each of the workshops (Construction, multimedia, painting and coloring, audio dictation, edutainment video).
After two hours (02h) of work in the workshop, we stopped and passed the witness to the volunteers who from now on will come to supervise the children.

3- Educational multimedia center of the SOLEIL LEVANT home:

During the NOEL EN FAMLLE fun-educational fair in December 2014 organized by ETIC, the leaders of the SOLEIL LEVANT home of LOGBABA in Douala were interested in the tools presented at the said fair and wished that they be installed in their center in the goal of better mentoring the 25 mentally handicapped children they are hosting and educating. Thus, in February 2015, educational tools will be offered and installed by ETIC at the SOLEIL LAVANT FOYER.


4- Educational Multimedia Center of DJOUM High School:


Created on 24 August 2015 by ETIC and EDA with the support of the TOTAL Foundation
This project called "PROJECT 3E 2015" aims to:
- Help students with low purchasing power and no school books in the program;
- Provide teachers with the tools necessary for an education for all, integrating the needs of children with special needs; Took part in the ceremony:
- The sub-prefect and his entourage
- The mayor and his entourage
- The principal of the bilingual Lycée of Djoum and his staff
- Students and their parents
- ETIC represented by Marcel ASSONFACK and PENDA José
- EDA represented by Marcel EBENE
The articulations of the ceremony:
- Headmaster's speeches, followed by EDA by Marcel EBENE, and finally by the subprefect's
- Presentation of donations and explanation of use by EDA (Marcel EBENE) and ETIC (Marcel ASSONFACK)
- Demonstration of the use to the authorities in the presence of
- Teacher training on use
- Signature of the institution's commitment
- Interview with students
Content of the material made available to teachers:
- Eight (08) laptops
- Two (02) scanners
- One (01) 250 GB external hard disk
- One (02) video projector
- A pair of speakers
Educational content available to teachers and students:
- The books on the program of the 6th in Terminale;
- Audio dictations from 6th to 3rd;
- Educational videos in English;
- Electronic dictionaries;
- Encyclopedias,

Preparation (two weeks):
- Repair / installation of computers
- Installation of educational software
- Preparation and installation of the digital library
- Branding donations with donor logos
- Making T-Shirts, Banners and Stickers


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Our objective :

"Provide psychopedagogical support for autistic children."