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The stages of psychopedagogical care

Intervention with each child consists of:
0 - Registration at ETIC;
1 - a medical diagnosis;
2 - assessment of the child's skills and difficulties;
2 - the establishment of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP);
3 - the educational intervention at the local unit, at home and in an ordinary environment (school, leisure center, activities school). Concerning the ordinary environment, the intervention is subject to signed agreements between ETIC and the child's establishment;
4 - Parental guidance which allows an accompaniment weekly parents;
5 - meeting report with the educational team;
6 - Writing assessments, educational projects, reports quarterly progress, specific programs for the child;
7- training of various stakeholders with children (educators, teachers, coaches, etc ...) at the rate of 4 hours a week in the local "ETIC" and training annual trainers and specialists of our methods once per year by an expert of international standing.
8 - 10 hours a week of family or parental work.

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Our objective :

"Provide psychopedagogical support for autistic children."