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Founded in August 2013, ETIC is an association governed by the law n ° 90/053 of December 19th, 1990 on the freedom of association, composed only of volunteers, teachers, parents, students, educators, 'associations and partner companies.
The declaration receipt N ° 1182/2013 / RDA / C19 / SAAJP of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization gives ETIC a legal personality.
Its head office is located in Cameroon, Douala in the BEPANDA district, crossroads "va-va". His mail box is 8870.
Its purpose is to provide psychopedagogical support for children with autism.



It all started with a child named Joseph, the eldest of a family of four.
At two, he was not waiting. It is at this age that an ENT discovers in Yaoundé that Joseph suffers from a significant decrease in hearing.
At this point, the process of treatment and correction led by several specialists begins. This process lasts 2.5 years. During the treatment time of his hearing loss, not hearing, he could not speak.
The lack of hearing will therefore disturb the language to the point where some specialists will ask parents (Arnold and Beatrice) to enroll this child in a school of mute.

By the grace of God and the intervention of several specialists (audiologist, psychologist, psychomotor, neuro-pediatrician, speech therapist, educators all supervised by parents) Joseph, at age 5, begins to hear better.
Following the hearing problem, Joseph does not speak, he has difficulties in communication and social interaction.
Because of his difficulties, Joseph develops a visual learning. As this type of learning is not developed in many schools, Joseph abandons French schools to join an English-speaking international school that practices differentiation. This school agrees to collaborate with Joseph's parents and they provide the educators with ideas and tools for his education.
To accelerate the process of Joseph's speech reeducation and to enable him to use t To accelerate the process of Joseph's speech reeducation and to enable him to use the PECS method for better communication and social interaction, his parents designed, used and made available to specialists and the school tools from Information and Communication Technologies (books, videos, maps, software, educational websites, ...) adapted to his needs.
It is with all these experiences, and It is with all these experiences, and in order to accompany the many parents of vulnerable children in the education of the latter, that we decided to create the association ETIC.
ETIC aims to to provide vulnerable children and especial children with autism with the tools they need to reach their highest potential.


Contribute to the emergence of Cameroon through education for all.

1. Contribute to the education of people with special needs, especially people with autism;
2. To sensitize and train educators and families on autism in Cameroon and on methods and tools adapted to the education of autistic people.
3. Accompanying people with autism psychologically;
4. Accompanying autistic people in their school career;
5. Look for tools and methods needed to educate people with autism;
6. To act with the institutions for a better integration and evolution of the autistic people in the Cameroonian educational and professional system;

Volunteers, partners, staff and board members are committed to living these values ​​by working together to achieve our vision and the pursuit of our missions:


Gift of self: we each have something to contribute to improve the education of every Cameroonian.
We (educators, parents, learners and all stakeholders in the Cameroonian education system) commit ourselves to offer to all other stakeholders the standards of professional and innovative practice adapted to the Cameroonian educational environment.


Action: In a spirit of uniqueness, each member is committed to taking possession of the future of our education system, improving the educational environment. He undertakes to be and not to appear; to be an actor and not a spectator; to change the circumstances instead of suffering them; to take responsibility for their future educational environment and not to blame current actors. Each member must act to change our educational environment, knowing that his actions can be simply a sum of failures that lead to success. Thus failure is only a springboard leading us to success; we can rest if we want, but we are committed to never giving up our missions.


Emotional Quotient: The achievement of our missions and the achievement of our vision are more than 80% related to our emotional quotient, ie the integrity of each member (to be loyal , to be in solidarity, to be transparent, to put the learner at the center of our reflections and our actions); the trust developed by each member to improve their educational environment; the ability for each member to develop interpersonal relationships beneficial to the development of education and the ability of each member to be disciplined, diligent and focused on any subject related to educational development.



Under the supervision of a Board of Directors, ETIC's management team consists of:
Administrative and Accounting Manager: FIDELE SAMNICK;
Quality Manager: Merline FOMENA;
Public Relations Manager: Ornella

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Our objective :

"Provide psychopedagogical support for autistic children."